About us

Eidei Productions was founded and is directed by Dario Luzuriaga, teacher, producer and director of television, radio and filmmaker.

Mr. Luzuriaga is a Doctor in Social Communication, specializing in journalism, from the University of El Salvador, Argentina. He was a teacher at the School of Journalism and at the School of Television, Radio and Filmmaking at the University of Belgrano (City of Buenos Aires) between 2001 and 2008, while he worked as a producer and audiovisual professional for America 24 Television, Rivadavia Radio and other top level media organizations in Argentina. He also has trilingual working experience within international productions in North America and Europe.
Recruited by the Government of Quebec in Buenos Aires between 2004 and 2007, he moved to Montreal at the end of 2008. Between 2009 and 2010 he worked as a bilingual Filmmaker and the Editor in Chief at Sélect Audiovisuel and Select Productions in the town of Saint-Leonard (Quebec), while teaching audio-visual production in a religious organization in Montreal.
Dario Luzuriaga is an expert in his field (live broadcasting, pre-production, shooting and editing); from the practical side (handling broadcasting technical systems, artistic conception, casting and direction of artists, sound planning, operation of sound and video equipment, use of editing technologies, acting direction, research, use of journalistic resources, and others). From the theoretical side (he has a specialized academic background in producing and directing television and radio;  he is also an expert in academic research).
His audio-visual expertise has been used to develop reports, narrations, interviews, documentaries, journalists’ advisories and anchors, commercials, television and film-making, live programs, live radio productions, camera direction, national and community programs, and more.

Dario Luzuriaga has contributed his expertise to Eidei Productions since 2011, while developing his professional activities within Canada. He is followed by a qualified team of experts in the audio-visual and educational field.

About Eidei Productions

“Eidei” is a polyvalent Greek expression (ιδέες) associated to: forms, ideas, images.

Eidei is a is a non-profit production company that specializes in film and radio. Eidei’s mission is to convert academic topics that interest the bilingual population of Canada into powerful audio-visiual presentations.

Eidei works to support formal education in French and English, at the elementary, high school, and college/university levels.

With the help of powerful radio and audio-visual resources Eidei is able to capture the attention of audiences involved in academic content to generate new interests in fields such as: geography, traditional sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine), philosophy (logic, epistemology, theology), language (linguistics, semiology, semiotics, literature), applied sciences (technology, informatics, engineering), arts (music, painting, sculpture, theater, cinema), the human sciences (history, anthropology, sociology) and any content related to Elementary, Secondary, College or University Studies Programs.

Eidei gives professional bilingual training to students, teachers or anyone willing to produce educational cultural programs within community radio stations or other audiovisual media.

Eidei accepts donations from people willing to support their community activities.