Our production company offers several options to present educational content on screen and on air. We are also able to work with other innovative formats depending on the subject. We generally use the following models for an audio-visual production


A sequence of a minute and a half reports that includes voice over and potential testimonies. During the report we present the topic, content with a voice over mixed with two or three interview fragments. The narrator expresses his/her point of view to consolidate the report; the main images of the topic, reinforces the content.

Musical videoclip

It has a length of two minutes minimum. A song with copyrights bought is selected; the music can also be custom composed.  We custom coordinate the musical clip with the visual content, while incorporating the primary message to be conveyed.  The feelings and emotions produced by the sound track will have a direct impact on the visual content.

Fiction short film

It varies between two and fifteen minutes long. Actors, actresses are involved, and a fictional performance is used. Short fiction films communicate social experiences for historical topics as well as represent daily academic topics. An influx of creativity is involved to create the performance for the art direction, lighting and post-production (editing).


With a length between six and forty five minutes long, the documentary is one of the most elaborated formats in terms of research, script writing, interviews and audio-visual presentations. Documentaries involve document research of ancient archives or contemporary sources (audio-visual or written), and well researched interviews. The information given during the interview is useful to communicate the different points of view of specialists in one field, witnesses of an event or experience, and the information sources related to the documentary topic. It is also necessary to organize shootings to illustrate in picture the concepts and objectives implied.

Other formats

It is possible to use various formats to generate a new audio-visual compilation depending on the topic. Audio-visual production is primarily an artistic activity, this list just shows some examples of formats that can be mixed and adapted.